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Tony Curtis



1. My God Is Real
2. Power Of Love
3. Reggae Nice
4. Lonely Man
5. Have I Told You
6. One Of A Kind
7. Foolish Hearts
8. Warm And Easy
9. Keep Keeping On
10. One More Try
11. People Are Crying

A Classy and silky smooth dancehall singer who is highly sought after by female fans, Tony Curtis seems to be bursting at the seams with creative energies.
Curtis was born in the parish of St. Catherine and is the son of a musician/singer named Bobby Soul. He surged to popularity with a single called "Butterfly" with gravel-toned DJ Jigsy King. Since then the art crooner has managed to crave out his own niche in the competitive entertainment arena. He has plied his trade in Europe, Japan, the Caribbean and all over the U.S. With singles such as "Sailing," "Do You Wanna?" Tony is also enjoying increased popularity as a member of the reggae supergroup Lust along with Singing Melody, Luckie D and Thriller U.
This all-new CD was produced by the premiere UK based Stingray label. The Hit track "My God Is Real" recently occupied the Number One spot on the Black Echo reggae charts in England for ten weeks and topped the New York charts for six weeks in the early Fall of 2000.
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