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1.Bless Me
2.Good Ways
4.Trust & Love
5.Bless The Youth
6.Any Time
7.Gun Handling Pros
8.Mockries & Phrase
9.Protest Us & Bless Us
10.Can't Cool Can't Quench
11.Suffer If They Don't Hear
12.Half That Has Never Been Told
13.Big & Bold

Sizzla was born in August Town - Kingston, Jamaica as Miguel Collins. A humble and observant person, but is aggressive against black oppression. As a person from the ghetto he is conscious of the suffering of youths in the ghetto. Through his songs he teaches youths to uplift themselves and to respect women. In 1997, Sizzla recorded the number one album of the year "Black Woman & Child" for producer Bobby "Digital" Dixon. Before that he had previously recorded a album "Praise He Jah" for producer Phillip "Fattis" Burrel on the "Exterminator" label. Since then he has been recording hits after hits, Because his continuity and versatility he has gained recognition throughout the world. Presently, Sizzla is one of the hottest performers in the music industry. Sizzla has always been working hard touring and doing shows locally, but has always made time to return to the studio to continue his great work. This album "Good Ways" produced by Bobby "Digital" Dixon and his "Battalion" is another master piece of Sizzla's great work.
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