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Garnett Silk



1. Judge Not
2. Splashing Dashing
3. It's Growing
4. Complain
5. Rejoice In His Name
6. Place In Your Heart
7. Kingly Character
8. Like A Mother To Me
9. Silk Chant
10. The Rod
11. One Of A Kind
12. Every Knee Shall Bow

Singer Garnett Silk (Smith) was regarded as the successor to Bob Marley and indeed, his meteoric rise to stardom spoke of much promise. A versatile singer, he was equally at home with roots music, lovers rock, classic reggae, and even soul hits from the '70s. Unfortunately, a freak accident in December of 1996 abruptly ended the life of the developing youg performer.

Silk was born in Jamaica in the mid '60s. With producer Derrick Morgan, Silk recorded albums such as Tony Rebel Meets Garnett Silk in a Dancehall Conference. Silk's big break came in 1992 with a large string of hits recorded on various labels. His biggest success came working with producers King Jammy and Bobby Digital. By 1994, he had released dozens of 7" singles in Jamaica, and also developed an international following which increased with stellar performances. In 1994, he increased that audience with stellar performances at the Sunsplash and the Sumfest gatherings in Jamaica. He had also just signed to a major label (Big Beat / Atlantic) in the U.S. shortly before his death. Garnett's music is still loved to this day, and his memory through his music will live on for years to come.

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