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1. soul grabber -soul grabber pt 3
2. back door revelations -
 back door revelations
3. goin' home ep - goin' home ep
4. s. malm -cool songs
5. compass 3 -rainy day
6. the kooky scientist -Ld. vs n.e.a.u. remix
7. dj apollo -sucka punch
8. primitive urges -primitive urges 2
9. chris sattinger -dial 1-976-timeblind
10. co-jack -gangbang'n
11. paul drame -osem
12. timeblind -vertical disintegration
13. dj hmc -lsd
14. sam onervas -walkman
15. nigel richards presents 611
 grooves -mardi gras
16. nigel richards - magnum p.i. in the swimming pool
17. woody mcbride -basketball heros
18. nigel richards -why'd ysa do it?

Nigel Richards is one of the most prominent figures in dance music today. As one of the most in demand DJ's for the past 8 years, his weekly Nationwide club dates keeps crowds rockin' out til' dawn. Nigel Richards is founder of the 611 Record Label, Clothingline and 611 Retail store- his influence can be felt long after the turntable stops spinning. Nigel's has no less than 10 club singles, plus a remix of friend and peer Josh Wink's track under his production belt. Welcome to Volume 2 of the611 series.

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