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1. Never Hurt Her
2. Ring Ting
3. Run Away Girl
4. True Love
5. Wasted
6. Your Stuff
7. Black Woman
8. Breath Stopper
9. Fan Down Di Bus
10. Sunshine In My Life
11. Get Close To Me
12. Remember

For The last fifteen years, the singer known as Pinchers has enjoyed great success with reggae fans around the world. Combining smooth vocals with pulsating rhythms, Pinchers intrigues followers of both lovers rock and dancehall. Get Close is the singer's first album in years and fans of the artist are primed for it's release. Already tracks from the album are enjoying consistent play on reggae radio. Never Hurt Her, Wasted and Like A Fool have become popular favorites based simply on their release as 7-inch singles, still a popular format among reggae DJs. Produced by Jack Scorpio, Get Close is Pinchers best work in years. It combines all of the classic elements his audience has grown to love yet with a fresh new sound and the dancehall beats of 2002.
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1. Riding West - Feat. Bounty Killer
2. My Heart Is Booked
3. Agony
4. Got To Be Me
5. Bandelero
6. Sit Down Pon It
7. The Gal Dem Cereal - Feat. Johnny Nice
8. Magnet To Steal
9. No Ice Cream Loving
10. Hold Me
11. Guilty To Blame
12. Request Of Denise
13. A Small World
14. Hell In Harlem
15. I'm A Don

Pinchers is one of the most esteemed singers in Reggae music over the past 15 years. Nicknamed for a Jamaican term for hand pliers, Pinchers began his career singing with the local sound systems in Kingston, Jamaica, where he came to the attention of one of the top producers in Reggae, the legendary King Jammy. With Jammy, Pinchers recorded his best work to date with 3 different albums between 1987 and 1994. He first mega-hit was 1987's "Agony" which let to the landmark dancehall album, "Got To Be Me." His singing style is unique and he can be called a crooner for sure. His sex symbol status elevated him to celebrity in Jamaica.
His next worldwide Reggae hit was "Bandelero" in 1982 which seduced the dancehall fans with the Wild West imagery that they love. Another song in the Wild West vein is his hit duet with top DJ Bounty Killer called "Riding West." Pinchers continues to record and perform in the dancehalls and stages of the world with a sinhging style and hits that melt the girls' hearts. His very best is all here on the King Jammy produced "best of." with many songs that are well sought after by fans and collectors available on CD for the first time.
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