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Denroy Morgan




1. Columbus

2. Time Is Longer Than Rope

3. Stand Firm

4. Cool Runnings

5. Why Do You Feel The Way You Do

6. Everybody Wants To Be

7. Rejoice

8. Walk With Love

9. Redemption

10. No One Is Perfect

11. Guitly As Charged

12. Bay Street

13. She Does

14. Rock The House (Jah Love Ya!)

15. Bang Bang Lu Lu

16. Cool Beat

Denroy Morgan has been recording since 1965. He has recorded many different styles of music with many different producers and many different songwriters. Cool Runnings is proof of Denroy's versatility as a musical artist. Cool Runnings is a highway to take you on one of Denroy's musical journeys. It contains lyrics that some people may find funny, controversial, enlightening, uplifting, inspiring and giving a sense of hope (it's true, "Time Is Longer Than Rope").

This album contains some songs that both have been previously released and some that have never seen the light of day. Listen to the lyrics, feel the beat and enjoy yourself.

* Cool Runnings by Denroy Morgan is an album of classic reggae hits, re-mixed and re-mastered.

* Denroy is the founder and leader of the group Morgan Heritage, who appear on the song, "She Does."

* Denroy tours the world with Morgan Heritage twice each year.

* Denroy and Morgan Heritage completed the entire Warped Tour in 2001 gathering a new fan base.

* Toots & the Maytals duet with Denroy Morgan on the song, "Walk With Love."

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