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1. Born with the Blues
(Chatman) Danby Music Co.
2. Just Let Me Be
(Chatman) Phonoco/Black Lion
3. Red Haired Boogie
(Chatman) Danby Music Co.
4. Blue And Disgusted
(Chatman) Prestige Music Co.
5. New Key To The Highway
(Chatman) Phonoco/Black Lion
6. I'd Take Her To Chicago
(Chatman) Phonoco/Black Lion
7. Harlem Bound
(Chatman) Danby Music Co.
8. El Capitan
(Chatman) Danby Music Co.
9. I just Landed In Your Town
(Chatman) Phonoco/Black Lion
10. John Henry
(trad. arr. Chatman) Phonoco/Black Lion
11. I Believe I'll Settle Down
(Chatman/Silm) MCA Music Ltd.
12. Bad Luck and Troubles
(Chatman) Phonoco/Black Lion
13. Late Afternoon Blues
(Chatman) Danby Music Co.
11. Memphis Slim U.S.A.
(Chatman) Freerick Music Corp.

Memphis Slim (Peter Chatman) was a huge, shrewd, imposing blues singer and pianist. Years of hoboing, grinding one-nighters through nearly every part of the country, and the weeks in raucous juke joints had weathered and strengthened Memphis Slim to the point at which he became uncommonly resourceful in the continuing free-for-all that determines oneÕs survival chances in music.

He caught the ear of producer Nat Hentoff who brought him into New York to record. Memphis Slim, U.S.A. is another classic blues title recorded in 1961 and produced by Nat Hentoff for Candid Records. This recording captures the essence of Memphis SlimÕs maturing process.

This vital reissue will be promoted properly from the beginning. It has been remastered, reserviced to radio and the press for reviews. The title is appearing in national magazine advertisements for Jazz and Blues enthusiasts such as Downbeat, Jazziz, Jazztimes and The Living Blues.

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