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1. Modern Girl.
2. Just My type of Girl.
3. She Turn Me On.
4. African Girl.
5. Turn Them Back.
6. Bad Boy Business.
7. Sing it Off.
8. Down in the Dance Hall.
9. How Long.
10. Modern Connection.
Featuring Heavy D & Brigadier Jerry

Modern Girl is one of the biggest, baddest, mega-Dance Hall albums ever to come from the shores of Jamaica and it contains the authentic sound of one of the island's best singers. Modern Girl by Courtney Melody was originally released only on vinyl in 1989.Over the years this rare gem was in high demand from DJ's all over the world. Now the buzz has spread to the public. Courtney Melody is one of Jamaica's most successful and popular singers, his hits include "Bad Boy," "Turn them Back," and "How Long will Your Love Last." Courtney works with such influential Jamaican producers as King Jammy and Technique. Courtney is an influential figure in the Dance Hall scene, his style and sound has shaped the next generation of Dance Hall artists. Included in this album is a re-mix of the title song. This updated version is called "Modern Connection" by producer, Robert French. Guests on this track include internationally successful rap artist Heavy D. and Brigadier Jerry.
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