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Kings Of Reggae 1 & 2



1. Visions
2. Key to The City
  Freddie McGregor
3. Higher
4. Incomplete
5. Mr.Brown
  Dennis Brown
6. War And Crime
  Admiral Tibbet
7. Judge Not
  Michael Rose
8. Negativity Bow
  Jimmy Riley
9. Centre Of The War
  Richie Davis
10. Here I Come
  Sugar Black
11. Trodding Along
  Jesse Gender
12. No Mia
  President Brown & U.Brown

Kings Of Reggae, Volume 2 combines the most popular reggae singers in the world singing somgs in the popular style of Culture Reggae. Luciano, Freddie McGregor, Sanchez, Dennis Brown and Bushman sing rousing songs of hope and combine soaring melodies with pulsating rhytms. While on tour, these songs are regularly included in the artists' sets and the audience response is always enthusiastic as they sing along with the choruses and chants. Kings Of RTeggae, Volume 2, was produced in England by one of the fastest growing production houses, StingRay Productions. This team is responsible for fantastic recordings by Luciano, Freddie McGregor and Glen Washington
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1. God And King (MP3)
2. Open Your Eyes (MP3)
3. Fill My Cup (MP3)
4. Peace And Love
5. My God Is Real
6. Comfort Fill My Soul
7. Never Burn
8. Wonderful Peace
9. Consider The Poor
10. Poor People
11. Cold Hearted Fools
12. Don't Leave

Contains such chart topping hits as "God And King" by Luciano, "My God Is Real" by Tony Curtis and "Fill My Cup" by Bushman. These tracks are on playlists in NY, LA, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, San Francisco, and DC. Artists featured on Kings Of Reggae will be performing their hits from this album while on tour around the album release. An album jam packed with the best of the best in reggae.
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