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1. PJ - Emergency
2. Pete Moss - Relocation
3. Sharpshooters - Think Twice
4. Da Mooch - Deep In the Underground
5. Angel Alanis - ChiÕs Revenge
6. DJ Sneak - All Over My Face
7. Gene Ferris - Spring Fling
8. Darren Klements - What YouÕre Doing
9. PJ - Happy Daze
10. Sylk 130 - When The Funk Hits The Fan
(Roger S. Horny Dub)
11. Johnny D & Nicky P. - Yeah Yeah
12. Roy Davis Jr - Let Me Show U The Scene
13. Fred Everything - Mama
14. DJ E-Tones - Soul Detergent
15. Troy Brown - Feel Alright
16. Total Experience - Release

As a dj, Carl Michaels is steadily becoming a shaping force in the Philadelphia house scene. For a year now, Carl has held residency at Smile Thursdays at Shampoo, on one Philly's largest and most sought-after dancefloors. Disco Dub House fuses nineties house music with the vibe of the seventies - resulting in a free-spirited, disco-influenced mix that transcends musical boundaries and makes use of both new and classic tracks from some of the world's most prominent house producers (DJ SNEAK, GENE FARRIS, ROY DAVIS JR, PAUL JACOBS, PETE MOSS, ANGEL ALANIS). Carl's soulful house selection flows from disco to deep to jazzy and more, and this mix showcases his fluency in the genre. Enjoy.

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