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Cutty Ranks



1. Shake The Thing (MP3)
2. Eye For An Eye (MP3)
3. Vengeance
4. Rule The World
5. My Girl (MP3)
6. Live Like This
7. Needs
8. Slap
9. Any Way Any How
10. Tell Me
11. No More Will I Roam
12. Haa Lio
13. Fi Mi Gal
14. Road Block
15. Gettin' Ripe
16. What A Session

Cutty Ranks is one of reggae/dancehall biggest names- BACK WITH A VENGEANCE is his best album to date. His music is perfect for the URBAN format and it continues to echo through clubs around the world. This sensational all new release features CUTTY RANKS at his very best. In reggae Cutty is already a household name. He performs for thousands of people each year at festivals and as a headliner. Now ARTISTS ONLY! is continuing his cross-over success. Cutty Ranks (Philip Thomas) is a Jamaican RAPPER from Kingston. He has worked with the best reggae producers in the business such as Patrick Roberts (BEENIE MAN) and Donovan Germaine (BUJU BANTON) and KING JAMMY. Songs such as "The Bomber," and "The Stopper," have become classics and have sold over 100,000 UNITS. BACK WITH A VENGEANCE is produced by the living-legend KING JAMMY. It brings both the producer and artist straight into the mainstream and to another level of quality. PURE HITS!

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