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1. Power Over Evil
2. $19.95 + tax
3. Ethiopia
4. Child Abuse
5. Smokey Joe
6. In a Kalda
7. Arise
8. Holyman
9. Wolves
10. Say it Again
11. The Right (Satta Massangana)

Artists Only ! Records in New York City is proud to release the new album by one of the most influencial reggae singing groups of all time- The Abyssinians. Titled, REUNION, this great new album contains new material from the original members: Donald Manning, Bernard Collins and Linford Manning. REUNION contains the amazing harmonies, heavenly melodies and intelligent lyrics synonymous with the Abyssinians' name. Highlights from the album include, "Ethiopia" (the first video), "1995+tax", and "Holyman" and the 1998 version of their classic song "Satta Massagana" which is now titled, "Power over Evil". Each song is a touching and insightful commentary on modern society. In 1969 Donald Manning and Bernard Collins drafted the blueprint of a song that would launch them into the canon of reggae greats. With the addition of Linford Manning, the trio was complete. Founding member, Donald Manning baptised them , The Abyssinians. Their first release, song they had been nurturing was recorded and went on to become reggae's most popluar song of all time- "Satta Massagana". The song quickly gained momentum as an anthem traveling from the radio waves to the churches of Jamaica. A string of hits followed including "Yimmasagan" and "Declaration of Rights." Their early albums for various labels are Satta Massagana Forward and Arise. REUNION stands strong as one of the Abyssinians greatest albums.
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